Reasons Why Your Pool Water Tastes Bad (And What to Do About It)

Bad Tasting Pool Water That is Green

Although drinking pool water is not usually recommended, it’s almost inevitable to avoid at least some water from entering your mouth while you splash around. On these occasions, have you ever noticed that your pool water tastes bad, metallic, or sour? Ever wondered why it tastes like that? Pool owners are often at a loss … Read more

Is It Genius to Run Your Pool Pump All the Time? (Let a Pool Noodle Help Decide!)

Use Noodle for Pool Pump

Owning a pool is a convenient way to keep cool during the blistering summer heat.  But, maintaining a clean pool throughout the season is key to actually being able to enjoy it. When it comes to keeping the water nice and clear, the pump is arguably the “MVP” (most valuable piece) of the pool system. … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Remove a Pool Ladder From A-Z

Have you ever tried to remove your pool ladder? Although they look bolted in and stuck in there, pool ladders are often pretty easy to unfasten! Above-ground pool ladders are much easier to remove than inground pool ladders. In-ground pool ladders can sometimes pose unique challenges that may require some creativity in removing. In this … Read more

5 Effective Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Kiddie Pool

Blue Kiddie Pool with Toys

A pool is always the best place to be during the summer, especially for kids. However, mosquitoes love cooling off in your kiddie pool as well. That’s just a disaster waiting to happen. From debris piling up to suffering from mosquito-related diseases, this is one problem you have to nip in the bud, and fast! … Read more

Are Liquid Pool Covers Actually Useful or Just Snake Oil? (Actual Data)

Liquid Solar Cover in Cup Near Pool

Jumping into a cold pool can be refreshing on a hot day, but the frigid water is more likely to result in a short-lived experience. While there are many options to keep your pool warm –such as bubble covers and solar rings— one of the more unique products is the liquid pool cover.  Unlike a … Read more

Easy and Natural Ways to Keep Your Kiddie Pool Clean

Kiddie Pool with Natural Cleaning

Summertime is around the corner! Have your kids badgered you to prepare their kiddie pools? Most pool owners turn to chemicals like chlorine to easily fight algae and keep their pools clean –however, maybe you have concerns about the effects of chemicals on your kids? If anyone suffers from allergies, using chlorine may pose more … Read more

Reasons Why Your Pool Liner is Pulling Away from the Wall (and How to Fix)

pool liner damage

Having a pool at home is an awesome perk –you can step outside your house into an oasis without having to travel anywhere.  But, as most pool owners know, they require their share of upkeep and periodic maintenance.   One particularly unsettling experience for a pool owner may be when a pool liner is pulling away … Read more

4 Ways You Can Protect Grass From an Inflatable Pool (With Alternative Options)

Dead Grass Under Pool

Inflatable pools are a lifesaver to help beat the heat throughout the summer months.  But, while they can help you and your family stay cool, they can also wreak havoc on the area of lawn that they sit atop.   In our household, we’ve had more than one occasion where we’ve left a small pool on … Read more