Pool Turned Green Overnight? Here’s What You Need to Do

Algae Overnight in Swimming Pool

One of the most common problems that pool owners face is a green pool. It can happen almost instantly. In fact, many pool owners find that their pools turn green overnight, particularly in hot, humid weather.  There are multiple causes of green pools, and in many causes it comes down to improper maintenance. Just because … Read more

8 Creative Ways to Vacuum a Pool Without a Skimmer

Vacuum Pool without Skimmer

Keeping the pool clean requires good circulation of water.  One of the key aspects to the pool’s circulation system is the skimmer. A pool skimmer is the rectangular opening on the side of an in-ground pool or that little machine hanging over the wall of an above-ground pool.  Skimmers are also important for vacuuming a … Read more

Ultimate Guide: Homemade Solar Heater for the Pool (1/2 Mile Tubing on the Roof!)

DIY Solar Heater for Pool on the Roof

Many swimmers find more enjoyment in a warm pool than a cold pool.  This can be particularly true for kids, who sometimes prefer the pool temperature to feel more like bath water. With us living in Michigan, it can be challenging to keep the water warm enough to prevent kids from shivering in their suits.  … Read more

Simple Ways to Swim With Long Hair (Without Tangling It!)

Swimming with Long Hair

Whether it’s in a pool or the sea, swimming is the most fun activity to combat the summer heat. Unfortunately, the aftermath of swimming can be an unpleasant experience for hair, particularly when it’s long. Every swimmer knows the struggle of maintaining their hair after taking a dip. This is because swimming will sometimes damage … Read more

Is It Genius to Run Your Pool Pump All the Time? (Let a Pool Noodle Help Decide!)

Use Noodle for Pool Pump

Owning a pool is a convenient way to keep cool during the blistering summer heat.  But, maintaining a clean pool throughout the season is key to actually being able to enjoy it. When it comes to keeping the water nice and clear, the pump is arguably the “MVP” (most valuable piece) of the pool system. … Read more

Solved! How to See Underwater Without Goggles (Train Your Eyes?)

See Underwater with No Goggles

Almost everybody loves swimming! It’s a fun activity that people of all ages can pick up and learn. However, while diving can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of swimming, it’s difficult to see underwater without eye protection. Understandably, you can easily resolve the situation by simply wearing your goggles. Still, some people often … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Remove a Pool Ladder From A-Z

Have you ever tried to remove your pool ladder? Although they look bolted in and stuck in there, pool ladders are often pretty easy to unfasten! Above-ground pool ladders are much easier to remove than inground pool ladders. In-ground pool ladders can sometimes pose unique challenges that may require some creativity in removing. In this … Read more