About Us

Quick Background

This site is maintained by me (Matt), with support from my wife and three kids. We have been living in our first home since 2008 here in Michigan.

I’m an engineer by day, and an avid weekend warrior when around the house. Part of my DIY nature is the money-saving that comes with it; however, more of it is just the satisfaction of learning new skills allowing for more personal development.

Our Goals

While everyone enjoys a vacation and all the luxuries that come with it, we all know how expensive, exhaustive, and stressful they also can be. That’s why one of our common goals has been to find ways that make staying at home a means of relaxation mixed with simple luxury, so that everyday can be a staycation.

Over the years, we’ve continued to make home improvements that put a spotlight on easy living and entertainment. Some of the many areas that we’ve focused on are pool living (solar heating, pool shed, shading), kid entertainment (mud kitchen, playset, crafting), decorative patios, basketball courts, smart devices, and more.

We strive to provide you with informational content that is designed to inspire you in making the most out of leisure at home.

While leisure is a common theme, you may also notice our knack for DIY-ventures to shine through in our posts. As with many DIYers, we aim to be thrifty and resourceful, and look forward to sharing experiences that can be passed along to others.

We hope you enjoy perusing the site and find the content useful in helping you to make the most out of easy living at your home!

Informational Data

As an engineer, I enjoy setting up quick studies to prove out a hypothesis. With these studies, I often end up with data that I try to incorporate into my posts where appropriate –such as experimenting with homemade solar covers along with liquid solar covers.

Many times, having hard data can help us make better decisions and conclusions. However, my goal is to be concise with this information as I’m not trying to turn this into a physics course.

Feel free to drop me a comment though if you are looking for even further information than my condensed notes in the blog posts!