Why It’s Not OK to Heat Pool After Plastering

When to Heat Pool After Heating

Having a swimming pool at home ensures ultimate relaxation and refreshment on hot, sunny days. In addition, pools enhance the overall aesthetic of any house. Plaster is a common material used to construct pools and is a cost-effective alternative to gunite.  Plaster is relatively low maintenance, while also durable with a lifespan upwards of 15 … Read more

Do Wood-Burning Pool Heaters Actually Work? (It Depends!)

Wood Burning for Pool Heating

Swimming pools are great for recreational activities for friends and family year in and year out. Although pools are more popular and practical to use in the summer months when it’s hot, some of us still want to have fun in them even in mild weather. This is possible of course with pool heaters. Thanks … Read more

A Homemade Solar Cover for the Pool for Under $10 (Yes, It Actually Works Great)

Homemade DIY Solar Cover for Pool

[2023 Update: After success of using this homemade solar cover in 2022, we found some improvements that we’ve detailed here.] Maintaining a comfortable temperature in the pool is a common goal amongst pool owners.  We have a DIY solar heater that is great in helping boost the temperature of the water –however, preventing heat loss is equally … Read more

Ultimate Guide: Homemade Solar Heater for the Pool (1/2 Mile Tubing on the Roof!)

DIY Solar Heater for Pool on the Roof

Many swimmers find more enjoyment in a warm pool than a cold pool.  This can be particularly true for kids, who sometimes prefer the pool temperature to feel more like bath water. With us living in Michigan, it can be challenging to keep the water warm enough to prevent kids from shivering in their suits.  … Read more

Are Liquid Pool Covers Actually Useful or Just Snake Oil? (Actual Data)

Liquid Solar Cover in Cup Near Pool

Jumping into a cold pool can be refreshing on a hot day, but the frigid water is more likely to result in a short-lived experience. While there are many options to keep your pool warm –such as bubble covers and solar rings— one of the more unique products is the liquid pool cover.  Unlike a … Read more