How Much Salt Does a Pool Use Per Month? (The Answer May Surprise You)

How much salt does pool use each month

With the cost of chlorine skyrocketing in recent years, many pool owners (including us) have decided to transition to saltwater pools.  These pools use a saltwater chlorine generator (SWCG) to convert salt into chlorine and keep you pool from turning green.   Using a SWCG will allow you to ditch the traditional dichlor or trichlor products … Read more

8 Tips to Keep Your Patio Dust Free (with Homemade Dust Control Spray)

Removing Dust from Patio

A well-kempt patio is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere for you and your guests.  Patios can be furnished with a wide array of items, such as outdoor furniture, heaters, and grills.  Ultimately, the patio can be used to extend your living space for maximum enjoyment of the outdoors.  However, most people probably … Read more

Can You Swim in a Pool with High Copper Levels? (And How to Remove Copper!)

High Copper Level in Pool Water

If you’ve seen the Statue of Liberty, its green color came from the oxidation of copper due to exposure to air and water. A similar chemical reaction can occur in pools when there’s copper.  The copper-infused water can turn a greenish hue that is commonly confused for algae.  While we generally avoid swimming in algae, … Read more

7 Reasons Why Your Pool Pump Is Not Pulling Water from Skimmer (And How to Fix!)

Water Pulling from Pool Skimmer

Owning a pool provides endless summer fun.  But as pool owners know, it’s not always smooth sailing to keep the water crystal clear. Water chemistry is often one of the top priorities when it comes to pool care.  However, sometimes other situations may arise that could jeopardize the sparkling water. One scenario that should not … Read more

6 Easy Ways to Keep Pool Steps from Floating

How to Keep Pool Steps from Floating with Weights

There’s nothing like dipping into a refreshing pool on a hot summer day.  But sometimes it can be challenging to actually climb into the pool if the pool steps are floating around rambunctiously! While in-ground pools often have ladders and stairs that are fixed in place, many above-ground pools use a combination of steps or … Read more

Quick Ways to Restore Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture (Like New!)

Cast Aluminum Pato Furniture with Chipped Paint

Cast aluminum furniture has become increasingly popular nowadays. Not only are the designs usually intricate, but they can also withstand harsh weather. That’s what makes cast aluminum excellent for patio furniture. However, even the toughest furniture may eventually experience chipping and discoloration. In this post we’ll provide steps on how to restore cast aluminum patio … Read more