Why It’s Not OK to Heat Pool After Plastering

When to Heat Pool After Heating

Having a swimming pool at home ensures ultimate relaxation and refreshment on hot, sunny days. In addition, pools enhance the overall aesthetic of any house. Plaster is a common material used to construct pools and is a cost-effective alternative to gunite.  Plaster is relatively low maintenance, while also durable with a lifespan upwards of 15 … Read more

Easy Ways to Clean Aluminum Pool Coping (And Remove Rust!)

Cleaning Aluminum Pool Coping

Pool coping is the ledge that goes around your pool in order to protect its edge and provide a decorative transition. Coping is available in many different materials, including stone, vinyl, and various metals.   It’s exposed to sun, water, cold, heat, and chlorine, and therefore needs regular cleaning. One of the downfalls with metal coping … Read more

How Much Salt Does a Pool Use Per Month? (The Answer May Surprise You)

How much salt does pool use each month

With the cost of chlorine skyrocketing in recent years, many pool owners (including us) have decided to transition to saltwater pools.  These pools use a saltwater chlorine generator (SWCG) to convert salt into chlorine and keep you pool from turning green.   Using a SWCG will allow you to ditch the traditional dichlor or trichlor products … Read more