6 Excellent Alternatives to Cedar for Sauna

Cedar Alternative for Sauna

When picking cedar alternatives for saunas, you should consider some characteristics. The wood should resist decay and have good thermal insulation but still remain cool to the touch. It also should have minimal knots and a low tendency to splinter. Other factors you could consider are wood appearance and aroma. Continue reading this article to … Read more

Reasons Why Your Barrel Sauna Leaking (And How to Fix)

Barrel Sauna with Leak

If you’re having trouble with your barrel sauna leaking, you may start rethinking your sauna choice. However, this is one of the most common phenomena when it comes to barrel saunas. Barrel saunas are often located outside and are exposed to weather elements.  A barrel sauna leaking may not initially seem problematic, but over time … Read more

6 Quick Steps to Make DIY Sauna Rocks

How to Make DIY Sauna Rocks

Rocks are one of the basic components of traditional steam saunas. The rocks help maintain temperature with the sauna even if the heater is not actively running. Sauna rocks are also used to provide the soothing humidity, which further promotes relaxation.   While you can purchase pre-made sauna rocks, creating your own DIY sauna rocks is … Read more

Can You Put an Indoor Sauna Outside? (Important Considerations)

Placing an Indoor Sauna Outside

Indoor saunas are great for relaxing after a long day at work. They can provide relief from stress, boost energy levels, improve sleep quality, and even reduce the risk of heart disease. However, having a sauna inside the house isn’t always practical. That’s why some people are now turning their attention toward outdoor saunas. Nonetheless, … Read more

Easy Ways to Clean Aluminum Pool Coping (And Remove Rust!)

Cleaning Aluminum Pool Coping

Pool coping is the ledge that goes around your pool in order to protect its edge and provide a decorative transition. Coping is available in many different materials, including stone, vinyl, and various metals.   It’s exposed to sun, water, cold, heat, and chlorine, and therefore needs regular cleaning. One of the downfalls with metal coping … Read more