Quick Dip: Do Natural Swimming Pools Attract Mosquitoes (Like a Pond)?

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Natural swimming pools are pretty impressive as they provide the perfect relaxing spot without use of chemicals. These pools depend on the presence of water-purifying plants to keep them clean. 

As one might expect, natural pools are relatively rare compared to their traditional chlorinated counterparts.  Natural pools are most suitable in climates that do not have large temperature swings, since they rely on living plants and bacteria to keep the water clean.

Knowing that a natural pool relies on a natural ecosystem to filter the water, it’s not hard for people to envision a pond-like setting.  For those that have been around ponds, it’s not uncommon to fend off mosquitoes.

So, do natural swimming pools attract mosquitoes? How can you keep mosquitoes away from your natural swimming pool?

Keep reading to find the answers to these questions. 

Do Natural Swimming Pools Attract Mosquitoes?

While chlorine in traditional pools can help fend off mosquitoes, natural pools won’t have this same benefit.

Natural swimming pools clean themselves with the help of a natural ecosystem within or adjacent to the pool. This natural ecosystem is made up of filtering plants that clean the pool and keep it sanitary without the excessive use of chemicals. 

The idea of natural swimming pools is inspired by ponds, which contain fresh water.  Oftentimes, ponds have minimal circulation resulting in a breeding ground for mosquitoes to lay their larvae.

Fortunately, natural swimming pools often use at least one or more pumps to assist with filtration of the water.  These pumps provide circulation similar to a traditional pool that will prevent stagnation.

Some natural pools even have a pump dedicated to cleaning the surface of the water, which further prevents mosquitoes from laying their eggs.

Now, if the circulation system of a natural pool breaks down, then that’s a totally different scenario. Without circulation, a natural pool could quickly attract mosquitoes due to its natural bioburden –so it’ll be essential to get the pump functional as soon as possible!

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from My Natural Swimming Pool

Mosquitoes thrive in highly humid environments, so they can still be found even if your natural swimming pool is functioning properly. 

Here are a few things to do to ensure mosquitoes won’t bother you, your family, or your pets while enjoying pool time: 

  • Remove the debris regularly to keep the pool clean. 
  • Avoid swimming in the early morning and late in the evening when the mosquitoes are more active. 
  • Think of the plants you add around the pool area, as some of them are very potent at repelling mosquitoes. Citronella, mint, rosemary, lavender, and marigolds will add the needed pop of color around your natural swimming pool and will also keep mosquitoes away. 
  • Make sure that your natural swimming pool is built to drain water away. Stagnant water around the pool can be attractive to mosquitoes. 
  • Dry the pool toys, wooden decks, chairs, or any other objects in the pool area to avoid attracting these pests. 
  • Consider building a pool cage around your natural swimming pool if there are too many mosquitoes in your area, and always check for gaps and cracks in the enclosure’s structure and screen. 
  • Examine your backyard for any areas of still water. Check that pathways, pots, and other objects are always dry. 
  • Use an outdoor fan near your pool area because mosquitoes hate windy weather. 

Final Takeaway

A natural swimming pool can be a great decision if you want to invest in a functioning pool that operates without the chemicals.  

Luckily, the water will always be moving in a natural swimming pool, so it won’t be a particularly attractive spot for mosquitoes. 

Nevertheless, mosquitoes can still hang around the pool area, so you must plan it carefully to avoid these annoying bugs. 

Happy (Pest-Free) Swimming!

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