Solved! How to Float on Water Vertically (Without Treading)

Floating Vertically in Water

Floating in a pool on a warm day can be such a calming experience.  Often, an inflatable lounger is the go-to that will ensure you’re kept afloat and dry (barring any splashing guests).     What happens if you’re looking to drift through the water without actually swimming, but you don’t have an inflatable around?   Fortunately, many … Read more

Reasons Why Your Pool Liner is Pulling Away from the Wall (and How to Fix)

pool liner damage

Having a pool at home is an awesome perk –you can step outside your house into an oasis without having to travel anywhere.  But, as most pool owners know, they require their share of upkeep and periodic maintenance.   One particularly unsettling experience for a pool owner may be when a pool liner is pulling away … Read more

4 Ways You Can Protect Grass From an Inflatable Pool (With Alternative Options)

Dead Grass Under Pool

Inflatable pools are a lifesaver to help beat the heat throughout the summer months.  But, while they can help you and your family stay cool, they can also wreak havoc on the area of lawn that they sit atop.   In our household, we’ve had more than one occasion where we’ve left a small pool on … Read more

Why Do Swim Trunks Have a Mesh Lining (And Should You Remove It)?

Swim Trunk Mesh Liner Removed

Why do swim trunks have mesh lining?  It’s a phrase often muttered by someone experiencing discomfort caused by ill-fitting netting.   While there are many types of swimwear out there for men, only some have liners.  Here are a few of the more popular swimwear types: Swim Trunks These are designed to look and fit like … Read more

How to Drain An Inground Pool Below the Skimmer (4 Easy Methods)

Pool Skimmer with Hose

This article will describe how to drain an inground pool below the skimmer level while protecting your equipment. Nearly all pool owners have found themselves needing to remove water from their pool at some point in time.  Especially in cooler climates, draining water from the pool may be part of the annual winterizing ritual.  Other … Read more

Why Does a Belly Flop Hurt (And Can It Seriously Injure You)?

Belly Flop from High Dive

This article will explore a timeless question of “Why does a belly flop hurt?” When thinking of traditional pool parties involving kids, it’s hard not to think of diving competitions.  Participants in the competition continue to try and one-up each other with each dive, risking more and more with each attempt.   There are traditional tricks … Read more