8 Tips to Keep Your Patio Dust Free (with Homemade Dust Control Spray)

Removing Dust from Patio

A well-kempt patio is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere for you and your guests.  Patios can be furnished with a wide array of items, such as outdoor furniture, heaters, and grills.  Ultimately, the patio can be used to extend your living space for maximum enjoyment of the outdoors.  However, most people probably … Read more

Quick Ways to Restore Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture (Like New!)

Cast Aluminum Pato Furniture with Chipped Paint

Cast aluminum furniture has become increasingly popular nowadays. Not only are the designs usually intricate, but they can also withstand harsh weather. That’s what makes cast aluminum excellent for patio furniture. However, even the toughest furniture may eventually experience chipping and discoloration. In this post we’ll provide steps on how to restore cast aluminum patio … Read more

How to Decide When to Put Outdoor Furniture Outside (All Year Long?)

Deciding to Put Patio Furniture in Snow

Patio furniture is a key element in most backyard oases.  In some cases, the patio itself may actually be designed around certain furniture.   Unlike indoor furniture, outdoor furniture is made using unique materials that can withstand weather conditions.  These materials will resist damage caused by extended exposure to air or sunlight.  But can it be … Read more

9 Smart Ways to Dog Proof Outdoor Furniture (And Get Rid of the Hair)

Dog Lounging on Patio Furniture

Dogs are amazing companions that bring joy to family and friends. However, they can wreak havoc all over your chic patio furniture if you’re not careful enough. While many dogs are trained to keep their mess to a minimum indoors, things are different when it comes to outdoor furniture. Patio furniture is generally lower to … Read more

15 Clever Ways to Keep Ants Off Patio Furniture

Ant Carrying Food

While we all love hanging around the backyard, most of us have probably seen what happens when crumbs of food are left lying around.  In several short hours, it’s not uncommon to have hordes of ants scrounging for the remnants. Those ants can seemingly come out of nowhere, crawling on everything in sight, including your … Read more

Simple Steps for Repainting Powder-Coated Aluminum Patio Furniture

Green Powder Coated Patio Furniture

One of the best things about aluminum patio furniture is how durable it can be, especially if it’s powder coated.  It can withstand harsh elements and it’s easy to move. However, with time, the surface can start to discolor and lose its shine. The powder coating may also see its share of nicks and scrapes … Read more

7 Affordable Ways to Protect Your Composite Deck from Furniture

Corner of Composite Deck with Debris

A composite deck is often considered to be a step up from a traditional pressure-treated deck.  Composite is a manmade material that provides great resistance against general wear and tear, allowing it to maintain a fresh appearance. Because of its reputation for being such low-maintenance, most people assume composite is scratch-proof. Yet, when you start … Read more

Best Ways to Protect and Refinish Your Cast Iron Patio Furniture (Stop Rust!)

Protecting Cast Iron Outside

The back patio is a great place to host barbecue parties, hang out with loved ones, or simply kick back and relax.   Having comfortable, stylish, and durable furniture that we can rely on is key to enjoying the time we spend in our outdoor space. And when it comes to those three aspects, cast iron … Read more

How to Fix Rusted Patio Chair Legs (And Keep the Rust from Returning)

Rusted Patio Chair

Patio furniture is an investment and, in many households, is seen as a one-time purchase.  So, we try to maintain it for years of enjoyment.  Sadly, the luster of metal patio furniture often diminishes after prolonged exposure to the weather elements.  Eventually, even the most durable metal furniture may end up with unsightly rust. Rust … Read more

4 Simple Ways to Identify Vintage Woodard Patio Furniture

Vintage Woodard Furniture

Patio furniture used to always pale in comparison to indoor furniture when it came to quality, style, and functionality. The latter hogged most of the appreciation, however, this isn’t the case anymore. Over recent years, outdoor furniture started to attract a lot of attention as more and more people wanted to make the most out … Read more

3 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Spider Mites on Patio Furniture

Red Spider Mite on Furniture

Enjoying a sunny day out on the patio while reading a book or having a refreshing drink is a great way to spend the afternoon. What more could someone need? However, noticing tiny little specks moving around on your patio furniture can quickly put you on high alert.  At first glance you may think they’re … Read more