How to Use Velcro to Keep Patio Cushions from Falling Off

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While cushions indoors will stay intact without moving, cushions outdoors may slip or blow away. If your area has experienced windy conditions, it’s possible that you may find the pillows strewn around the patio rather than on the furniture.  

For patio cushions that do not have built-in straps, a makeshift solution is to attach Velcro to your patio cushions.  

But, how do you attach Velcro to patio cushions?  This is one of those instances where it’s best to not overthink it.  

The hardest part is gathering the materials, the rest is relatively straightforward. 

In this article, we’ll cover everything from items you need to the process of attaching Velcro to your patio’s cushions properly.

How Do You Attach Velcro to Patio Cushions?

Having cushions slide off their covers can be a hassle.  More than just having to pick them up from the ground, they are more prone to getting dirty or damaged.

Be it due to wearing down over time or children playing around on the patio, velcroing the cushion covers and cushions to the furniture is usually enough to solve this issue.

First off, you’ll need to purchase some Velcro tape. This product has strips of adhesive-backed hook and loop components.

The rest is pretty simple if you have the Velcro tape and cushion cover ready. Here are the steps you need to take:

Step 1: Measure and cut two strips of Velcro that share the length of your cushion cover.

Step 2: Fold the hem of the cover slightly, take the two strips, then attach the loop tape on one side and the hook on the other so they match perfectly. And voilà, it’s done! 

As for velcroing cushions to furniture, you’ll need to Velcro the hook tape to the cushion while the loop side is attached to your couch. The Velcro will naturally adhere, and then you can undo and stick the tape back at your convenience. 

If you want to ensure the cushions don’t budge, you can always consider sewing the Velcro to the cushion cover. 

Extra Tips for Attaching Velcro to Patio Cushions 

While attaching Velcro to patio cushions is an easy, seamless process, a few tips won’t hurt. Here are a few pointers to help along the way.

  • You can distinguish the hook and loop strips by their texture; the former feels harsh while the latter is slick.
  • In case you don’t have a cushion cover, we highly recommend checking out DIY (do-it-yourself) videos where you can follow a simple tutorial to sew your own. You’ll need a sewing machine for the task, along with scissors, a needle, and thread.
  • Before buying, confirm that the quality and type of Velcro are suitable for your furniture’s fabric and won’t cause any damage.
  • Leather is usually the best material to apply Velcro on.
  • Velcro won’t cause issues in the washing machine as long as the water remains cold. The same can’t be said for dryers. If you attach Velcro to your cushions, they’ll need to be air dried. 

Final Takeaway

Velcroing patio cushions might seem daunting at first, but it’s worth it in the end. You only need the suitable materials ready for the task, and after you’re done, you get to rest and enjoy long-term convenience.

Hopefully, this brief article provides you with everything you need to complete the job smoothly.

Happy Lounging!

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