3 Quick Ways to Fix a Pool Skimmer Net

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Pool skimmer nets are one of the most valuable tools when it comes to keeping the swimming pool clean.  They provide a quick and simple means for you to reach floating leaves, bugs and other unwanted debris.

Unfortunately, the skimmer nets don’t last forever.  A common failure is a tear in the net which will render the skimmer useless.  

However, all is not lost!  It’s possible to salvage a damaged skimmer net without buying a brand new one.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss how to fix a pool skimmer net. Let’s dive in.

Why Is the Pool Skimmer Net Important?

Skimmer nets are used during daily pool care to assist with removal of objects that the built-in skimmer hasn’t yet collected.  The net will pick up the unwanted object while allowing the clean water to remain in the pool.

Skimmer nets are particularly useful as you’re prepping to swim and want to tackle a few bugs or leaves from the top of the water.

When the skimmer net is coupled with a telescopic pole, you’ll be able to reach things that may be floating all the way in the middle of the pool.

The skimmer net can also be used to help collect items from the bottom of the pool without you having to dive in.  For instance, a small dive toy sitting at the bottom can be snagged without even having to get wet.

Skimming the pool regularly can also help reduce the frequency of needing to vacuum the pool, as it will reduce the amount of debris that sinks to the bottom. Therefore, it’s important to keep your net in good shape.

How to Fix a Pool Skimmer Net?

Fixing a pool skimmer net is easy. It doesn’t require any special skills and anyone can do it. 

Using Glue

One way to fix a pool skimmer net is to glue it back in place. There are many types of glue that can withstand water

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Ensure the net is completely dry.
  2. Apply the glue on one edge of the torn net.  
  3. Press the two edges of the torn section back onto each other.
  4. Allow the glue to dry per the manufacturer’s instructions before using again.  

While the net won’t be as strong as it was prior to the tear, it should still give you some additional use.

Using Underwater Tape

Another way to fix a pool skimmer net is simply with underwater tape.

These are some quick steps you can use when in a bind:

  1. Ensure the net is completely dry.
  2. Tear two 1” wide strips of tape that are slightly longer than the tear.
  3. Apply each of the strips to the tear, one on the inside of the net and one on the outside of the net.  
  4. Press the two strips of tape together so that they adhere to each other, while providing a bridge across the tear.

The tape will eliminate a bit of the net’s surface area for skimming.  However, it’ll still provide you with a usable tool to keep the pool clean.  

Similar to the glue, don’t expect that their repair will be as durable as the original net.

Replacing the Damaged Pool Skimmer Net

If all else fails, you can buy a replacement net for the pool skimmer. No need to buy a new handle or a full frame. You only need to replace the net.

Many of the nets are made of nylon.  Double-check the size of the skimmer frame before purchasing a new one.

For the most part, the installation process is simple, though it differs from one type of skimmer net to the other. So, you should always check the manufacturer’s instruction label.

In modern pool skimmers, like the Poolmaster Premiere Pro, for instance, you’ll only need a flathead screwdriver. Here’s how to replace the pool skimmer net:

  1. Uninstall the skimmer from the handle.
  2. Look for an arrow marked on the net frame and insert your flathead screwdriver into the marked area.
  3. Apply some pressure on the screwdriver to snap out the net.
  4. Repeat the same process on the other side of the skimmer frame.
  5. Remove the old net from the skimmer frame.
  6. Grab your new net replacement and place it inside the frame.
  7. Secure one side of the net inside the frame and use pressure to secure the other side into the frame until it snaps in place.
  8. Install the skimmer back in the handle.

In Conclusion

A pool skimmer net is an essential tool to keep your pool clean. It will help you get rid of floating debris prior to taking a dip in the pool.  

This begs the question of how to fix a pool skimmer net. The answer is simple; you can replace the net with a new one or glue/tape the torn area.

Happy (clear & clean) Swimming!

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