Simple Ways to Hang Outdoor String Lights on Deck Railings

Deck String Lights

Many homeowners strive to make the most of their outdoor living space, which often includes decks.  One quick and affordable way to take your deck to the next level is to add outdoor string lights.   String lights can add a soft magical glow to any environment.  This creates a warm and inviting space for you … Read more

Will Your Outdoor Cushions Last More Than 2 Years?

Outdoor Cushions in the Sun

Nothing beats the joy of basking in the sunlight while resting on outdoor furniture with plenty of cushions for added comfort. However, outdoor cushions and fabrics are always exposed to the elements of weather, so they typically last a lot shorter than average indoor cushions. So how long do outdoor cushions last? Ideally, you should … Read more

4 Easy Ways to Remove Mildew Stains from Outdoor Cushions

Scrubbing Mildew Stain from Cushion

Mildew is a common issue with many outdoor furniture. When you notice the discoloration on your cushions, your first instinct might be to pull out some bleach. However, bleach is a harsh chemical that can damage the fabric and can pose safety risk to the person using it. Knowing that, you’re probably wondering how to … Read more

Reasons To Reconsider Leaving Your Outdoor Cushions Outside Overnight

A patio equipped with nice furniture is an inviting place for you and guests to relax throughout much of the year.  But, it can quickly lose some of its luster if the outdoor cushions are dingy, worn or damaged. Patio cushions are often neglected when it comes to maintenance, especially if they’re non-removable. In seeking … Read more

Ultimate Guide: Homemade Solar Heater for the Pool (1/2 Mile Tubing on the Roof!)

DIY Solar Heater for Pool on the Roof

Many swimmers find more enjoyment in a warm pool than a cold pool.  This can be particularly true for kids, who sometimes prefer the pool temperature to feel more like bath water. With us living in Michigan, it can be challenging to keep the water warm enough to prevent kids from shivering in their suits.  … Read more

Simple Ways to Swim With Long Hair (Without Tangling It!)

Swimming with Long Hair

Whether it’s in a pool or the sea, swimming is the most fun activity to combat the summer heat. Unfortunately, the aftermath of swimming can be an unpleasant experience for hair, particularly when it’s long. Every swimmer knows the struggle of maintaining their hair after taking a dip. This is because swimming will sometimes damage … Read more

Solved! How to See Underwater Without Goggles (Train Your Eyes?)

See Underwater with No Goggles

Almost everybody loves swimming! It’s a fun activity that people of all ages can pick up and learn. However, while diving can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of swimming, it’s difficult to see underwater without eye protection. Understandably, you can easily resolve the situation by simply wearing your goggles. Still, some people often … Read more

Easy and Natural Ways to Keep Your Kiddie Pool Clean

Kiddie Pool with Natural Cleaning

Summertime is around the corner! Have your kids badgered you to prepare their kiddie pools? Most pool owners turn to chemicals like chlorine to easily fight algae and keep their pools clean –however, maybe you have concerns about the effects of chemicals on your kids? If anyone suffers from allergies, using chlorine may pose more … Read more